Twin Sheet Forming – Robotic Tape Library Door

We chose the Twin Sheet forming process to form this door for a robotic tape library for Quantum. See the iScalar 6000 series here.  When the project began, volumes were relatively small. Due to small volumes, the customer decided to go with the Reaction-Injection Molding process to minimize tooling costs. The Reaction-Injection process has a few drawbacks which became significantly apparent as the volume grew. The first issue was slow cycle time. The second significant problem was the  issues in the finishing process that are inherent to the RIM process. Once Quantum landed a large OEM contract with a significant customer, the RIM process proved inadequate.

At that point, ATI  became involved and recommended the Twin Sheet Process. The twin sheet forming process yields a stiff, rigid and structural part. One of the challenges we faced was matching the finish to many previous generations of parts. Our painting capability, which involved matching color and texture, was more than adequate to satisfy this requirement.

This door part is part of a family of doors and louvres we make for our customer. The parts are thermoformed from a fire-retardant ABS/PVC by Sekisui-KYDEX-brand.

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