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November 15, 2010
Thermoformed Medical Device Covers

Dear John,

We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all your support in developing our MediGLIDER™ Patient Transfer System.  We were a new company developing an innovative, complex piece of medical equipment, thus, we relied heavily on ATI’s experience in guiding our design of thermoformed medical device covers.  ATI met our needs.

medical thermoforming companiesATI built seven tools, the largest part being over 6 feet long. The most complex tool makes a part that is 36″ x 31″. This tool is a female, textured, plug-assisted pressure form tool with parting line undercuts.

We found ATI’s experience with design, materials, tooling, molding and secondary operations to be very impressive. In addition, we found their experience was invaluable in finalizing wall thicknesses, corner radii, mold design details, assembly details, and lastly, dimensioning schemes for our medical device cover. Equally important to us, ATI recommended materials and material sources based on their experience making similar parts. As a result, we were able to get our materials not only color-matched, but also approved on the first sample.  Next, during the process, when we determined that changes were necessary, ATI was able to review the design, then additionally, implement the changes, resulting in minimal impact.  In addition, when we needed a change late in the program to improve operator comfort, ATI suggested a very creative solution. Again resulting in very little impact.

Also, ATI employs an ERP tracking system that provides a look at the entire thermoforming process.  This encompasses design, tooling, pricing, materials, and other details of the program.  As a result, the internal communication at ATI is excellent. Consequently, if we had a question about status at any time, multiple people were able to answer.  ATI completed all tools on time and in budget.  Equally important, they ensured availability of all materials, thus enabling tools to be sampled on schedule.

We feel that we made an excellent choice in medical thermoforming companies with ATI.  We found their factory to be well-organized, neat and clean. Furthermore, they have well-controlled processes for all the necessary manufacturing and quality operations.  Above all else, their experience, their responsiveness, and their eager attitude  made this one of the best supplier experiences ever.

From a Customer Experience standpoint, this medical thermoforming company gets an A+!  Thank you.




Gary W. Pankonien
MediGLIDER™ Corporation
Chief Operating Officer

1909 West Braker Ln. Bldg. E, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 299-9611

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