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What We Do

Since 1977, Associated Thermoforming has been an industry leader among thermoforming companies, creating innovative solutions for diverse requirements.  The materials we work with are HEAVY GAUGE, CUT SHEET.  The thickness ranges from .040″ up to .500″, in a wide variety of resins.  We tool and manufacture large, structural, and decorative thermoformed parts for a varying group of industries, typically large quantities.  The list of diverse industries we serve include Aerospace, Medical, Automotive & Transportation, Recreation, Food & Beverage, as  well as Computer & Data Storage.

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Services We Offer

Associated Thermoforming offers a full range of services. The partnership begins with assistance in part design. To begin the process, we help determine which thermoforming process is right for your project. Next, we move into tooling design and fabrication, followed by the molding, trimming, and finally, the finishing operations. Additionally, we offer a wide range of secondary processes. We manage all these diverse activities with a sophisticated ERPII system that allows dynamic capacity and change management.

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Mission Statement

To Maintain and Build a Company That Prospers By:

  • Providing outstanding customer service that can’t be touched by other thermoforming companies, offering technical solutions to our customer’s needs and delivering those in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Providing a culture for our employees that satisfies their economic requirements, while supporting their need to enjoy life outside of work.
  • Building a satisfying and enduring relationship with our suppliers.
  • Providing a competitive return to our shareholders so that investment in growth and opportunity can continue.
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Thermoforming Experts


Associated Thermoforming enjoys a reputation in this industry for high definition pressure thermoforming to exacting tolerances. In large part, our reputation has grown from the pioneering of unique twin sheet thermoforming applications and techniques. Hence, we refer to our twin sheet capabilities as ‘Technical Twin Sheeting’. Additionally, our history of on-time delivery contributes greatly to our excellent reputation.

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Quality & Customer Service

Associated Thermoforming has tasked itself with providing excellent customer service.  Additionally, one of our commitments to quality was to obtain our ISO 9001-2015 certification.  We are proud to say that our Quality Management System has achieved the ISO 9001-2015 certification!  Our focus is not simply on timely delivery, competitive pricing and quality.  Additionally, we hope to become involved in and gain knowledge of your business and it’s unique requirements, thereby becoming an invaluable extension of your organization.  Most noteworthy, ‘continuous improvement‘ is an ongoing theme in our day to day operations.

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Associated Thermoforming Quality Policy

To Meet Or Exceed Our Customers’ Requirements:

  • The Quality Policy of ATI is to conform to our customers’ specifications in all aspects of an order.  That not only refers to part definition as defined by the engineering documentation, but also to delivery schedule, price specifications, inventory, or any other customer requirement.
  • If ATI has reason to believe it will be unable to conform to those requirements, it is ATI’s commitment to surface those concerns at the beginning of a project and resolve them to both parties’ satisfaction prior to accepting an order.
  • ATI is committed to continuous improvement of the quality management system.
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