Capabilities Overview

pressure formed surgical imaging technology Associated Thermoforming Inc.
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Thermoforming Capabilities

ATI offers an impressive list of thermoforming capabilities. Our facility encompasses close to 80,000 sq ft., filled with state-of-the-art tooling, molding, trimming and assembly equipment. Mid 2020 we razed our existing storage warehouse, and broke ground on a new warehouse project. The completion of the new warehouse increased our storage by around 50%!

We are here to make your thermoforming project a success.  From initial concept and design, thru to your custom finished product, we manufacture to meet your requirements.  In addition to the many thermoforming capabilities we provide, we possess 40+ years of knowledge and experience. When we combine our extensive capabilities with our  years of experience, the result is an efficiently manufactured part which meets your expectations.   Click her to see ATI’s Customer Decision Tool.

Our thermoforming services include:

  • To begin your project, we offer Design Input for manufacturability;
  • The essential next step is innovative tooling design and fabrication to exacting dimensions and finish;
  • Next, for the forming process, we have six computerized rotary and shuttle machines capable of vacuum, pressure and twin sheet forming parts up to 6’x11’x30″ deep;
  • Then for the Trimming process, we have recently added two 5-axis routers, for a total of seven, as well as three 4-axis vertical machining centers;
  • Next in the list of our Thermoforming Capabilities, we offer a full spectrum of value added Secondary Finishing operations, including assembly, painting, silk-screening and EMI shielding;
  • Of equal importance, our Internet-based Enterprise Resource Planning System allows us to manage complex projects in a dynamic environment.
  • Additionally, we utilize an ISO compliant quality system, having obtained our ISO 9001:2015 certification.