ATI’s Customer Decision Tool

Helping You Make the Right Choice

Here is a tool to help you evaluate which thermoforming manufacturer is the best fit for your company’s project. It includes common decision criteria that we recommend you include in the deliberation process.
DECISION CRITERIA ati_icon Competitor A Competitor B
Has a formal, thorough and rigorous quality system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified blue-check
Has over 40 years of experience in diverse and challenging projects blue-check
Provides engineering support during the design phase to ensure your product is manufacturable blue-check
Provides ‘just in time’ service and Kanban support blue-check
Makes parts as large as 6′ by 11′ by 30″ blue-check
Works with all thermoplastic resins blue-check
Employs Written Manufacturing Process instructions with detailed pictures defining tasks blue-check
Keeps detailed in-process inspection records with pictures detailing inspection methods blue-check
Employs an Enterprise Resource Planning System to manage all aspects of manufacturing blue-check
Employs lot control and traceability as required throughout the process blue-check
Conducts Internal Audits to assure adherence to policies and procedures blue-check
Employs Statistical Process Control (SPC) including Product Part Approval Process (PAPP) blue-check
Provides engineering support later on in the products life to help sustain cost reductions blue-check