Twin Sheet Formed Surgical Helmet

Surgical Helmet Wins Twin Sheet Award

We formed this award winning shell of a Surgical Helmet using Twin Sheet Thermoforming. Importantly, this helmet offers protection from fluids during operations. Additionally, we designed it to house a ventilating fan. It also includes a plenum running over the top of the head to distribute cooling to the face.

As previously mentioned, this is made in the twin-sheet thermoforming process, and features a very complex curvilinear parting line. The material we used was a Polypropylene co-polymer, and the starting gages of the sheets are .055″ and .065″. The part weighs under three ounces, thus making it extremely lightweight.

The insert picture highlights the face shield mounting feature. This is essentially two material thicknesses, which we’ve  molded on both sides for strength. In addition, we must hold quite close tolerances.

The biggest challenge we face in producing this part is not the molding, but rather trimming out such thin material.

twin-sheet thermoform surgical helmet award
Twin Sheet Formed Surgical Helmet Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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