Seat Pan Insert

Vacuum Forming Process Used to Manufacture Seat Pan Insert

We thermoformed this seat pan insert for the Aerospace Industry using the Vacuum Forming Process. To form this part we used an engineered resin, Lexan F6000. Thus, we had much the same processing requirements as for the Radel® material used in the Shroud Headrest part. Next, we form this part using a combination of two vacuum formed parts, assembled together to tight tolerances. Finally, our Assembly Team cuts and attaches a large number of fire-retardant Velcro pieces to these parts. These pieces of velcro are cut to precise dimensions and assembled to very stringent locations using precision fixtures.

Thermoplastic Materials We Work With

Thermoplastic materials we work with include TPO Thermoplastic Olefins, Polycarbonate, and PPE Family, including Radel and Ultem. Each thermoforming plastic material has their own unique set of properties. We pride ourselves on having experience with and knowledge of the properties of each. Therefore we are able to make the best recommendations to our customers as to which material best suits their needs.

vacuum formed seat pan insert Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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