Insulated Lid

Twin Sheet Insulated Lid For Use in Clean Energy

We manufacture this large insulated lid using the twin-sheet forming process. Ice Energy uses this approximately 6′ x 6′ part, as an insulated lid for an ice making machine. This machine is then used to generate air-conditioning coolant during peak usage hours with ice made from electricity in off-peak hours. We make this  part from two sheets of different gauges and colors of Solvay’s E3000 TPO elastomer. First, taking into consideration properties of various plastics, we chose this for its’ excellent weatherability and expansion/contraction properties . Next, we form this part using the twin-sheet process. Finally, we fill it with a 2-part urethane 2# density foam for insulating properties.

Created for: Ice Energy

Twin Sheet Insulated Lid Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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