Twin Sheet Forming – Industrial Battery Tray

Twin-Sheet Forming For Maximum Strength

We used the Technical Twin-sheet forming process to make this award winning processing tray for Optima Battery. We designed it to hold up to 200 lbs. across a 40″ span. In addition, it can withstand up to 200° F for 20 hours and not deflect more than .100″.

ATI met this specification by employing the inherent strength of the beams created by the twin-sheet technique. We used  an ABS/Polycarbonate blend material that demonstrates very high flexural modulus and heat deflection temperature.

Industrial Application Award 2006

Insert Molding Adds Strength To Twin-Sheet Forming

Additionally, we “insert-molded” 2 steel rectangular bars into the part, thus further ensuring minimal deflection. (See inserts #1 and #2.) We complete this insertion during the forming operation, encapsulating the bars inside the plastic. As a result, we are ensuring maximum strength of the part. Also, we have included the additional suspension features of the part (Insert #3). By incorporating this feature, we have allowed the part to hang from a mounting pin on either side of the chain driven oven transport conveyor. Additionally, we have added two plates on the bottom of the part. We manufactured these wear plates from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and also designed them to be easily replaced.

Created for: Optima Batteries

Twin Sheet Forming Industrial Battery Tray Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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