Cushioning Panel

Twin Sheet Process Great Solution For Cushioning Product

For this flexible cushioning product, we have utilized our award winning Technical Twin-Sheet process. In addition, we have employed different colors of TPU resins. Equally noteworthy, we have welded around the perimeter of the parts, as well as at the contact point of each ellipsoid.

Cushioning Panel Mold

twin sheet thermoforming mold

We built this precision machined, aluminum, Technical Twin-Sheet mold to produce cushioning panels from a thermoplastic urethane. Importantly, the mold features very tight-toleranced machining of the weld areas (the tip of each ellipsoid) and alignment mechanisms (insert). This urethane is an extremely challenging material to work with, thus making the features of the mold critical. Consequently, our ability to achieve accurate contact at each weld point is critical in making the parts work.

Created for: SKYDEX

twin sheet cushioning panel Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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