Beverage Dispenser – Distortion Screen Printing


Pressure Forming and Technical Twin Sheet Processes Used to Create TouchPoint

We used both the Pressure Forming Process and our Technical Twin Sheet process for Lancer’s new TouchPoint beverage dispenser.  In addition, Associated Thermoforming, Inc. is working with Superior Imaging to utilize a process of distortion screen-printing to complete this revolutionary new beverage dispenser project for Lancer. (View video of Lancer TouchPoint in action below.)

This system is comprised of four different distortion screen-printed parts and one Technical Twin-sheet part in a coordinated scheme of matching parts. These items start out as clear sheets of plastic. The screen-printing is applied to the backside of the clear plastic so the graphics can be viewed through the thickness of the plastic. After Thermoforming is completed, the finished product has a high-gloss finish and scratch-resistant durability.

Utilizing Distortion Screen Printing Process

The first part we mold (#1) is the Side Panel, which includes a black graphics line.  In partnering with Superior Imaging, ATI is able to utilize their refined art of “distorting” the graphics prior to the Thermoforming process.  This results in the images appearing as desired after the plastic sheet has been stretched.

beverage-dispenser2For the second part we mold (#2), we use our Technical Twin Sheet process.  This part is the Drip Tray that mounts to the front. In this process we mold two sheets of plastic together to create the finished item.

beverage-dispenser2aAs you can see the Side Panel graphic lines up with the Technical Twin-sheet formed Drip Tray. ATI uses various process-control elements to “register” the part with graphics the same every time so accurate alignment with mating parts is possible.

beverage-dispenser3The third part we manufacture for this project (#3) is the Splash Plate.  This is a 2-colored part that also abuts the Drip Tray.  Also of note, we have this part printed with a different color specialty ink. The color options are endless.

Additionally, we manufacture a fourth part (not pictured).  This part is a single-colored Merchandiser that encloses the touch-screen technology. The feature that is interesting of this part is the 10″ deep draw and that the ink is still intact without loss of color.

By utilizing these special inks, there is no fear of the graphic tearing, thinning or losing color intensity in the stretching that occurs during Thermoforming. Interestingly, this process gives the illusion that the products were painted with multi-color options subsequent to the thermoforming process.

Created for: Lancer

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