Twin Sheet Forming Keeping NFL Football Players Safe

Helmet Cushioning Pads

ATI invested a great deal of resource over a 6 year period helping Skydex develop a process to manufacture a unique line of cushioning products that are far superior to foam in impact attenuation, weight, and durability. The process technology is twin-sheet thermoforming, using thin gage TPU materials. TPU has almost no hot strength, making it a challenge to form at all, especially on an upper platen. ATI has developed a range of process and technologies to work with challenging draw ratios in twin-sheet forming.

The part pictured is a new generation of football helmet for all levels of players from the NFL, down through major Division 1A colleges to high school programs by the leading manufacturer of football helmets. The Skydex cushioning pads are located between the outer shell and the comfort air bags and provide not only superior impact performance, but much lighter weight and more room for the air bags.

It is this type of innovation and development that ATI can bring to bear on your challenges.

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