ATI Talks Computer Aided Manufacturing with PT Online Publication

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Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Used in Custom Thermoforming

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) plays an important role in the custom thermoforming world.  Plastics Technology (PT Online) recently interviewed ATI regarding the importance of CAM to our organization.  Jim Callari, PT Online‘s Editorial Director, interviewed ATI tooling department supervisor, Aaron Frison regarding the use of CAM in plastic thermoforming.  Plastics Technology offers information on the latest in technology and techniques in the plastics world.  Thus, they have become one of the go-to resource for plastics processors.  

In the article, Frison elaborates on the importance of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the thermoforming process.  Additionally, he addresses the impact the CAM technology has had on improved productivity here at ATI. Many of the thermoformed parts we make require very challenging and complex tooling.  The twin-sheet formed parts that we specialize in are a perfect example of the necessity of CAM technology.  Twin-sheet formed parts frequently require highly cosmetic finishes, thus calling for more complex tooling.  Whether locating inserts or adding moving parts to an involved mold, CAM gives Frison and his team the capabilities required.  Thus, we are significantly more likely to achieve our ultimate goal….an award winning part that exceeds your expectations. 

The requirements of ATI’s customer base are diverse, and the firm likes to fulfill them in-house whenever possible.  To that end, ATI has acquired an extensive array of CNC machining equipment, including multiple three-and four-axis vertical mills… along with seven sophisticated double-table-5-axis routers used for automated trimming.  All of this equipment is programmed using Mastercam CAD/CAM software from CNC Software, Inc.”  Read a copy of the article below to learn more about the technical capabilities of ATI, or click here to go directly to the PT Online article.

Computer Aided Manufacturing- ATI Plastics Technology article