Vacuum Molding Gold Awards In 2016

heavy gauge vacuum formed award 2016 Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Molding 1st Place in Heavy Gauge Category

Vacuum molding is what we’re great at.  We were excited to bring home 2 more gold awards at the 2016 Society of Plastics Engineers thermoforming competition.  The Touch Tower soft drink dispensing system, made for Lancer, won 1st Place in the Heavy Gauge Category.  This product employs LED touch technology for the dispensing choices.  We first constructed the tooling using temperature controlled billet and cast aluminum.  The 3 vacuum formed parts are then constructed from a metallic, silver, decorative sheet. The curved shape achieves it’s structure by assembling to the skin’s vacuum formed ribs.

Twin Sheet Vacuum Molding Also Wins Big

Additionally, we won the gold in the Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming category.  This award was for our large twin sheet parts which create the floor pan and ramp for a wheelchair compatible temporary shower.  We first form ribbing into the bottom surface, thus giving the necessary strength. Additionally, the top surface has molded-in feathures which facilitate draining, and the attachment of walls and doors.  We formed both parts from ABS sheet on aluminum tooling. 

heavy gauge twin sheet award 2016 Associated Thermoforming Inc.