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Cognex In-Sight Sensor

Pass/Fail Software Speeds Up Process

Thermoforming quality control is of utmost importance here at ATI.  In our ongoing effort to improve our quality control, we recently began using a Cognex In-Sight sensor to inspect parts.  We use the sensor in our Assembly Department to quickly register missing or mis-located items.  Within seconds, the sensor can check each part on a work order to verify both the item size and placement.  Thus, the system helps ensure us of a consistent, quality product.

Additionally, this system is relatively easy for the assembly operator to use.  Our quality assurance technician, Frank Zurey, begins by programming the system for the specifics of the part.  Next, we’re ready for the operator to place the assembly part on the sensor stand.  The operator then presses a button, and within seconds the light will turn either green or red.  Obviously, a green light indicates that all is good, all parts and pieces are there and correctly located. 

Conversely, the red light indicates that something is missing or incorrectly located.  Furthermore, the assembler can quickly see on the computer screen, exactly where the problem lies.  (See images below.)  Importantly, the operator can quickly re-check and repair the flagged item before it continues further thru the process.

thermoforming quality control


Thermoforming Quality Control Is High Priority

Initially, we are setting the tolerances of the sensor inspection very conservatively.  We want to begin in a manner that will ensure that we don’t get false positive readings.  Our goal is to avoid setting tolerances too broadly, which could result in a bad part being green-lighted.  On the contrary, we will occasionally red-light a part, and the physical follow up inspection will confirm no problems.  Once we gain more experience with this pass/fail sensor, and feel more confident of accuracy, we can adjust settings accordingly.  Ultimately,  this technology will help with efficiency and increase our thermoforming quality control.  Our goal is to ensure that every part we assemble is verified before being shipped to our customer by employing this process.

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