Thermoforming With Decorative Plastic Sheet

custom plastic thermoforming

Make Your Thermoforming Project Unique Thermoforming with decorative plastic sheet can make your thermoforming project unique.  Due to availability of textured, thermoformable plastics today, we are able to offer a wealth of inspiration to our customer. This availability allows us to add a whole new dimension to making your project one-of-a-kind.  Consequently, ATI  can impart almost any appearance … Read more

Insert Molding

Industrial Application Award 2006

Insert Molding (Or Over Molding) ATI employs this technique, especially in, but not limited to, twin-sheet molding, where exceptional stiffness is required. In this case, we mount metal reinforcement structures in the mold prior to forming.  Next, we form the part so the material “wraps around” the reinforcement in selected areas, entrapping it inside the part. … Read more