Plastic Thermoforming Efficiency

ati plastic thermoforming- new 5 axis router

Plastic Thermoforming More Efficient With New 5-Axis 5′ X 10′ Twin Table Router

ATI makes an ongoing effort to make our plastic thermoforming process more efficient.  Therefore, we are excited about our new DMS 5-axis router, with 5′ X 10′ twin table and tool changer.  This machine is the latest in technology and encompasses, among other things, a Tool Center Point (TCP) probe. The new machine is able to accurately locate a tool’s cutting surface to the center point of the 5-axis motor, thus making set-up much faster.

Router Standardization is Key to Efficiency

ATI has standardized all 7 of our routers to have this TCP capability.  As a result, we see much increased flexibility for programs/parts to run on different machines.  In addition, ATI has made significant investment these past several years in converting all the routers to the same controller, thus maximizing schedule flexibility. The result is that we have many choices of machines to run a part on.  This flexibility is key for managing capacity and schedules through this work center.