Disposable Tray

pressure formed disposable tray Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Formed Disposable Tray For Medical Industry This negative, pressure-formed part with large undercuts on both sides is manufactured for one of our medical customers.  Additionally, this part has a very deep draw.   The material is a tri-layerd HIPS extrusion, with a custom colored cap on both sides.  Also, we use a “field-of-color” regrind … Read more

Imaging Enclosure

pressure forming imaging enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming to Manufacture Imaging Enclosure Pressure forming is the process we use to manufacture this multi-part medical imaging enclosure. We exhibit exacting tool construction in these female pressure-formed parts, thus creating uniform mating gaps. In addition, we have created molded-in openings. The material we have chosen for all GE Healthcare parts is an FR KYDEX® T material. Finally, … Read more

Monitor Bezel

pressure formed monitor bezel Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Three female pressure-formed parts with perimeter undercuts that provide for consistent mating of components along parting lines. Material is FR ABS. Parts are painted.

Camera Enclosure

plastic formed camera enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Female pressure-formed part displaying not only sharp, crisp radii around recess, but also an undercut formed without the “witness lines” normally caused by core-pulls. Material is custom colored FR ABS. Texture is molded.

Surgical Smoke Evacuator

pressure formed surgical smoke evacuator Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Used to Create Smoke Evacuator This pressure formed enclosure houses a smoke evacuation system for an electro-surgical procedure. The material is a fire-retardant ABS/PVC blend and is painted. The part demands a very severe draw-ratio to get plastic all the way into the bottom. The mold is a female mold with many … Read more

Exercise Enclosure

pressure formed exercise machine enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Offers Just Enough Detail for This Exercise Enclosure We assemble this pressure formed enclosure from 4 female, pressure-formed parts. Initially, we mold undercuts around the perimeter, thus ensuring uniform mating of various parts. In addition, we have molded in an aggressive texture, using a HIPS material.

Pressure Formed Beverage Dispenser

Pressure Formed Beverage Dispenser Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Formed Merchandiser Uses Two Types of Molds We manufactured this product from a set of pressure-formed parts. For one part we used a female textured mold and then, for the second one we used a highly polished female mold. Notice crisp tight joint between the two parts. We manufactured this Merchandiser from custom-colored ABS. Additionally,  the display … Read more

Control Bezel

pressure formed control bezel Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Control Bezel Manufactured with Pressure Form Process We manufactured this pressure-formed using a female mold.  We were able to achieve very sharp radii, formed in texture, and male and female undercuts to create a “snap-in” functionality. Created for: Johnson Controls

Beverage Dispenser – Distortion Screen Printing

pressure forming beverage dispenser Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming and Technical Twin Sheet Processes Used to Create TouchPoint We used both the Pressure Forming Process and our Technical Twin Sheet process for Lancer’s new TouchPoint beverage dispenser.  In addition, Associated Thermoforming, Inc. is working with Superior Imaging to utilize a process of distortion screen-printing to complete this revolutionary new beverage dispenser project for Lancer. … Read more