Motor Coach Lavatory Door

vacuum formed airplane lavatory door Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Formed Parts Used In Transportation Industry We assemble this Lavatory Door using two vacuum formed parts, attached together with adhesive. In addition, during that assembly process, an aluminum strike plate is inserted into the structure for mounting the hinge. Finally, we fill the entire assembly with a 2-part urethane foam for strength and sound deadening. We face an … Read more

Freeway Screens-Temporary Plastic Highway Gawk Screen

Temporary Plastic Highway Gawk Screen Associated Thermoforming Inc.

PROPRIETARY PRODUCT-Plastic Highway Gawk Screen Freeway Screens is a vacuum formed, temporary plastic highway gawk screen product.  We developed and manufacture this gawk screen as our own proprietary product.  During design stages we worked in conjunction with CALTRANS (California Department of Transportation), as well as other states’ DOT’s,  to comply with state safety requirements.  Additionally, we went … Read more

Front Car Fender

plastic formed front car fender Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Set of parts made on male molds with high gloss weather-able capped ABS. Part finish is smooth, without distortions due to high quality of tooling.

SUV Truck Wall

Plastic Formed SUV Truck Wall Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Used for SUV Truck Wall We pressure formed this part on a female mold for an OEM automotive application. This part manifests unique automotive molded texture. The material we chose is HDPE with 25% talc added for stiffness.