Vacuum Forming Process-Coke Touch Tower

thermoforms beverage dispensing system Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Formed Beverage Dispensing System for Coke We have constructed this sleek, award winning product using the vacuum forming process. This is a multi-part beverage dispensing system, which we  produce for Coke.  Coke employs LED touch technology for the dispensing choices. To construct this system, we have assembled three vacuum-formed parts made from metallic silver decorative sheet. … Read more

Twin Sheet Base

twin sheet thermoforming base Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Twin Sheet Construction Provides Exceptional Strength We have used the Twin Sheet thermoforming process for this machine base, thus providing exceptional stiffness in addition to the low weight. This machine base was a support for ice in the food and beverage industry. The material we use is a utility ABS. Additionally, we have incorporated numerous weld zones … Read more

Pressure Formed Beverage Dispenser

Pressure Formed Beverage Dispenser Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Formed Merchandiser Uses Two Types of Molds We manufactured this product from a set of pressure-formed parts. For one part we used a female textured mold and then, for the second one we used a highly polished female mold. Notice crisp tight joint between the two parts. We manufactured this Merchandiser from custom-colored ABS. Additionally,  the display … Read more

Beverage Dispenser – Distortion Screen Printing

pressure forming beverage dispenser Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming and Technical Twin Sheet Processes Used to Create TouchPoint We used both the Pressure Forming Process and our Technical Twin Sheet process for Lancer’s new TouchPoint beverage dispenser.  In addition, Associated Thermoforming, Inc. is working with Superior Imaging to utilize a process of distortion screen-printing to complete this revolutionary new beverage dispenser project for Lancer. … Read more