Pressure Formed Printer Cartridge Transfer Tray

pressure formed computer transfer tray

This interior transfer tray is manufactured using the Pressure Forming process to a negative mold. The tray is designed to extremely tight tolerances (+/- .002) to prevent any movement of cylinders during transfer.

Twin Sheet Forming – Robotic Tape Library Door

ATI Thermoforms Electronics & Computers Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We chose the Twin Sheet forming process to form this door for a robotic tape library for Quantum. See the iScalar 6000 series here.  When the project began, volumes were relatively small. Due to small volumes, the customer decided to go with the Reaction-Injection Molding process to minimize tooling costs. The Reaction-Injection process has a … Read more

Ultrasound Enclosure

pressure formed ultrasound enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Forms Medical Enclosures These parts for the medical industry are formed using the Pressure Forming Process. We thermoform this set of enclosures for an Ultrasound navigation device. KYDEX® T with a UL 94V-0 flame rating is the material we use for these parts. Additionally, these parts display a molded undercut perimeter.  Thus, … Read more

Water Analyzer for Semiconductor Business Made With Pressure Forming Process

pressure formed water analyzer Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We use the pressure forming process for these covers for the Sievers Instruments’ Sievers M9.  Formerly the Sievers 900, the new M9 is a Total Organic Count  (TOC) Water Analyzer. These water analyzers are widely used in the Semiconductor business. Additionally, Sievers Instruments are manufactured for G.E. Analytical, which recently became a part of SUEZ. Created for: … Read more

Monitor Enclosure Employs Pressure Forming Process

pressure formed monitor enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We achieve crisp features and clean, uniform joints between parts by using the pressure forming process for this monitor enclosure.  This enclosure is the result of a 3 part assembly.  Due to customer specifications, we used a custom-colored, fire-retardant Acrylic/PVC material.  In addition we formed these parts in textured molds. Created for: Particle Measuring Systems

3D Solid Printer-Pressure Forming Process Is A Winner

pressure formed 3D solid printer Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Combines With Twin Sheet For a Winning Combination   The InVision 3-D printer consists of 11 high definition parts.  In addition to combining the pressure forming process with the twin sheet process, we’ve also used the vacuum forming and compression mold processes.  This printer brings 3-dimensional printing to the masses with innovative features, high resolution model quality, and simple-to-use print software. … Read more