Weed Eater Shield

vacuum formed weed eater shield Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Formed Weed Eater Shield Due to the gentle radii in this design, we manufacture this agricultural part using the Vacuum Forming process on a male mold.  ATI makes this part for Crary Industries, a manufacturer of agricultural implements. Additionally, we use a high molecular weight polyethelene material for this part. Made for Crary Industries

Potato Picker Hopper

vacuum forming parts for agriculture industry Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Forming Parts for Agriculture Industry We use the vacuum forming process to manufacture this part used in the agriculture industry.  This Potato Picker Hopper is a part for one of Crary’s Lockwood Harvesters, and is used for harvesting potatoes.  In addition to this hopper, we also thermoform a weed eater shield for Crary.  Let us … Read more