Hospital Bed Part

Therapeutic Bed Benefits From Twin Sheet Thermoforming

We used our Technical Twin Sheet Thermoforming process to manufacture these parts for a therapeutic bed.  This is part of a hospital bed Safety Siderail system. The system helps prevent patients from becoming wedged between the mattress and steel rails, a common issue with hospital beds.  We twin-sheet thermoform the parts from a 94V0 Kydex material, using a textured mold.  Each Siderail is a two piece assembly, with the piece in the upper view creating a “handle” that captures two rotating metal discs.

Insert #1 shows the hollow nature of the twin-sheet process. The hollow area fits over a molded mounting boss similar to the feature highlighted in Insert # 2.

Insert #2 shows a molded mounting boss (essentially two material thicknesses for strength and molded dimensions on both side).  Additionally, the Insert shows a novel treatment of trimming the parting line, or weld-line, of the two sheets.  We utilize this trim treatment so that it does not protrude out from the part.  By using this technique, we then achieve a smooth, cleanable and cosmetically appealing edge.

Created for: KCI Licensing, Inc.

twinsheet formed hospital bed part Associated Thermoforming Inc.

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