Twin Sheet Forming – Robotic Tape Library Door

ATI Thermoforms Electronics & Computers Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We chose the Twin Sheet forming process to form this door for a robotic tape library for Quantum. See the iScalar 6000 series here.  When the project began, volumes were relatively small. Due to small volumes, the customer decided to go with the Reaction-Injection Molding process to minimize tooling costs. The Reaction-Injection process has a … Read more

Shroud Headrest

Pressure Formed Shroud Headrest Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Used for Shroud Headrest This part is made from a Radel® resin which is a polyphenylsulfone material.  Radel’s properties include very high impact and chemical resistance in addition to the toxicity properties stated above. Because of the physical properties of the sheet, the processing temperatures are very high, requiring the sheet to … Read more

Shower Spa

pressure formed shower spa Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Achieves Sharp, Crisp Detail  We use the Pressure Forming Process to manufacture this part due to the sharp, crisp detail required. Additionally, we form the part on a male mold.  The material is a custom colored, capped HIPS. In addition it is a very high gloss material.  Created for: Waterpik

Water Analyzer for Semiconductor Business Made With Pressure Forming Process

pressure formed water analyzer Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We use the pressure forming process for these covers for the Sievers Instruments’ Sievers M9.  Formerly the Sievers 900, the new M9 is a Total Organic Count  (TOC) Water Analyzer. These water analyzers are widely used in the Semiconductor business. Additionally, Sievers Instruments are manufactured for G.E. Analytical, which recently became a part of SUEZ. Created for: … Read more

Twin Sheet Formed Surgical Helmet

Twin Sheet Formed Surgical Helmet Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Surgical Helmet Wins Twin Sheet Award We formed this award winning shell of a Surgical Helmet using Twin Sheet Thermoforming. Importantly, this helmet offers protection from fluids during operations. Additionally, we designed it to house a ventilating fan. It also includes a plenum running over the top of the head to distribute cooling to the face. As previously … Read more


pressure formed mannequins Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Used to Construct Mannequins ATI formed these clear, two piece plastic mannequins using the pressure forming process for Victoria’s Secret. We used a bronze tinted plastic to give the illusion of glass. In addition to the aesthetic challenge associated with a clear part, these parts involved complex trim geometry. Created for: Victoria’s … Read more

Durabin Pin Setting System

Vacuum Formed Durabin Pin Setting System Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Forming A Severe Deep Draw We vacuum form this award winning, very challenging part for QubicaAMF.  First of all, the Durabin has a very severe deep draw, and we make it from High Density Polyethylene, with a .312″ starting gauge. The challenge we face is a result of the draw of material. We are tasked with … Read more

Twin Sheet Sample

Twin Sheet Sample Associated Thermoforming Inc.

See What The Twin Sheet Process Can Do For You This small 2.5″ x 6″ x .75″ part demonstrates many of the features possible with the Twin Sheet process. Some of the available features include using dissimilar materials, as well as different colors and gauges. This sample part is formed with a white ABS top surface, … Read more

Insulated Lid

Twin Sheet Insulated Lid Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Twin Sheet Insulated Lid For Use in Clean Energy We manufacture this large insulated lid using the twin-sheet forming process. Ice Energy uses this approximately 6′ x 6′ part, as an insulated lid for an ice making machine. This machine is then used to generate air-conditioning coolant during peak usage hours with ice made from electricity in off-peak … Read more

Beverage Dispenser – Distortion Screen Printing

pressure forming beverage dispenser Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming and Technical Twin Sheet Processes Used to Create TouchPoint We used both the Pressure Forming Process and our Technical Twin Sheet process for Lancer’s new TouchPoint beverage dispenser.  In addition, Associated Thermoforming, Inc. is working with Superior Imaging to utilize a process of distortion screen-printing to complete this revolutionary new beverage dispenser project for Lancer. … Read more