Twin Sheet Forming – Robotic Tape Library Door

ATI Thermoforms Electronics & Computers Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We chose the Twin Sheet forming process to form this door for a robotic tape library for Quantum. See the iScalar 6000 series here.  When the project began, volumes were relatively small. Due to small volumes, the customer decided to go with the Reaction-Injection Molding process to minimize tooling costs. The Reaction-Injection process has a … Read more

Shroud Headrest

Pressure Formed Shroud Headrest Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Used for Shroud Headrest This part is made from a Radel® resin which is a polyphenylsulfone material.  Radel’s properties include very high impact and chemical resistance in addition to the toxicity properties stated above. Because of the physical properties of the sheet, the processing temperatures are very high, requiring the sheet to … Read more

Motor Coach Lavatory Door

vacuum formed airplane lavatory door Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Vacuum Formed Parts Used In Transportation Industry We assemble this Lavatory Door using two vacuum formed parts, attached together with adhesive. In addition, during that assembly process, an aluminum strike plate is inserted into the structure for mounting the hinge. Finally, we fill the entire assembly with a 2-part urethane foam for strength and sound deadening. We face an … Read more

Home Elevator

drape formed home elevator Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Power Drape Forming is a Basic Thermoforming Process The Elevator is comprised of several drape-formed clear panels that make up various doors and wall sections. The material we used is clear Acrylic, drape-formed to a radius. We have a challenge in making the parts from this clear material. An example of this is dealing with … Read more

Helmet Cushioning Pads

twin sheet thermoforming helmet cushioning pads Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming Helps Reduce Sports Impact Issues Twin sheet thermoforming was the perfect process for this cushioning pad system. And subsequently, we have gained unique experience in working with the very demanding family of Thermoplastic Urethanes. In part, this experience as come from making parts like this cushioning pad system for a new generation of football helmet. … Read more

Ultrasound Enclosure

pressure formed ultrasound enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming Process Forms Medical Enclosures These parts for the medical industry are formed using the Pressure Forming Process. We thermoform this set of enclosures for an Ultrasound navigation device. KYDEX® T with a UL 94V-0 flame rating is the material we use for these parts. Additionally, these parts display a molded undercut perimeter.  Thus, … Read more

Monitor Enclosure Employs Pressure Forming Process

pressure formed monitor enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

We achieve crisp features and clean, uniform joints between parts by using the pressure forming process for this monitor enclosure.  This enclosure is the result of a 3 part assembly.  Due to customer specifications, we used a custom-colored, fire-retardant Acrylic/PVC material.  In addition we formed these parts in textured molds. Created for: Particle Measuring Systems

Disposable Tray

pressure formed disposable tray Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Formed Disposable Tray For Medical Industry This negative, pressure-formed part with large undercuts on both sides is manufactured for one of our medical customers.  Additionally, this part has a very deep draw.   The material is a tri-layerd HIPS extrusion, with a custom colored cap on both sides.  Also, we use a “field-of-color” regrind … Read more

Imaging Enclosure

pressure forming imaging enclosure Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Pressure Forming to Manufacture Imaging Enclosure Pressure forming is the process we use to manufacture this multi-part medical imaging enclosure. We exhibit exacting tool construction in these female pressure-formed parts, thus creating uniform mating gaps. In addition, we have created molded-in openings. The material we have chosen for all GE Healthcare parts is an FR KYDEX® T material. Finally, … Read more

Thermal Ducting

twin sheet thermal ducting Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Small, Complex Part Ideally Suited For Twin Sheet Forming This Twin Sheet part we manufacture provides cooling to internal components in a medical diagnostics machine. This part is small with a complex geometry, thus making it ideally suited for the Twin Sheet process. In fact, there is really no other practical way to manufacture it.  We manufacture … Read more