Helmet Cushioning Pads

twin sheet thermoforming helmet cushioning pads Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming Helps Reduce Sports Impact Issues Twin sheet thermoforming was the perfect process for this cushioning pad system. And subsequently, we have gained unique experience in working with the very demanding family of Thermoplastic Urethanes. In part, this experience as come from making parts like this cushioning pad system for a new generation of football helmet. … Read more

Cushioning Panel

twin sheet cushioning panel Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Twin Sheet Process Great Solution For Cushioning Product For this flexible cushioning product, we have utilized our award winning Technical Twin-Sheet process. In addition, we have employed different colors of TPU resins. Equally noteworthy, we have welded around the perimeter of the parts, as well as at the contact point of each ellipsoid. Cushioning Panel Mold … Read more

Twin Sheet Pin Setting System

Twin Sheet Pin Setting System Associated Thermoforming Inc.

Award Winning Twin-Sheet Formed Pin Setting System ATI made these two parts utilizing our Technical Twin-sheet process, which molds geometric features on both sides. This part is constructed from two panels, both Front and Rear. The assembly, shown in top view from the pin-setter side (facing the bowler) is comprised of two Technical Twin-sheet parts.  We mechanically attach these parts to … Read more