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INDUSTRY: All / Agriculture / Clean Energy / Electronics & Computers / Food & Beverage / Industrial /
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PROCESS: Power Drape Forming / Pressure Forming / Technical Twin Sheet Forming / Vacuum Forming

Home Elevator

Power Drape Forming is a Basic Thermoforming Process The Elevator is comprised of several drape-formed clear panels that make up various doors and wall sections. The material we used is clear Acrylic, drape-formed to a radius. We have a challenge in making the parts from this clear material.  An example of this is dealing with airborne […]

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Shower Spa

Pressure Forming Process Achieves Sharp, Crisp Detail  We use the Pressure Forming Process to manufacture this part due to the sharp, crisp detail required.  Additionally, we form the part on a male mold.  The material is a custom colored, capped HIPS.  In addition it is a very high gloss material.  Created for: Waterpik

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Pressure Forming Process Used to Construct Mannequins ATI formed these clear, two piece plastic mannequins using the pressure forming process for Victoria’s Secret.  We used a bronze tinted plastic to give the illusion of glass. In addition to the aesthetic challenge associated with a clear part, these parts involved complex trim geometry. Created for: Victoria’s […]

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