Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Company Adds Much Needed Space

heavy gauge thermoforming company

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Expansion Increases Efficiency Berthoud, Colorado – November 9, 2010 – Associated Thermoforming Inc. (ATI), is a heavy gauge thermoforming company, highly respected throughout the industry.  They are excited to announce the expansion of their manufacturing facility in Berthoud, Colorado.  Currently housed-under 58-thousand square feet of space, ATI is adding another 12-thousand square feet to the … Read more

Twin Sheet Forming Keeping NFL Football Players Safe

Helmet Cushioning Pads

ATI invested a great deal of resource over a 6 year period helping Skydex develop a process to manufacture a unique line of cushioning products that are far superior to foam in impact attenuation, weight, and durability. The process technology is twin-sheet thermoforming, using thin gage TPU materials. TPU has almost no hot strength, making … Read more

Multipart Assembly Award – Enclosure Panel For 3D Printer

Cut Sheet Multi Part Assembly Winner

Thermoformed Enclosure Panel For 3D Printer The article below details this award winning thermoformed enclosure panel.  We are always excited when we walk away from a thermoforming show with a first place award.  Our team is proud of our custom plastics thermoforming capabilities.  We feel that all our hard work was worth it every time … Read more

Associated Thermoforming Gone Fishin’

ATI's John Nix with fish

At Associated Thermoforming we work hard forming custom thermoformed parts. Then we like to take advantage of living in beautiful Colorado, and we play hard! John Nix, president of ATI really hit the jackpot on this particular day! Click here to see what cool things we thermoform here in Colorado when we aren’t fishing!