ATI Offers Support For All Aspects of Your Thermoforming Project

Associated Thermoforming Inc is committed to making your thermoforming project successful.  Consequently, we begin by offering the support required every step of the way.  Moreover, we have a variety of systems in place to help meet our customers’ requirements.  Due to the systems employed, ATI offers everything from initial design assistance through custom labeling and shipping your custom product.  

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DFM – Design for Manufacturing

While we are confident that  thermoforming will probably do more than you think, the process still has limitations. Thus, our engineering staff will work with you during your design phase to ensure your part can be made, in our process, to your requirements. Click here to see examples of projects we’ve helped bring to fruition.

ERP – Planning System to Manage Complex Projects in a Dynamic Environment

thermoformingThe ERP planning system we use is Syteline Enterprise Management System II.  Thus, we have the capability of coordinating and linking all aspects of the manufacturing information requirements. Consequently, we are able to ensure flawless management of your thermoforming project from beginning to end.

Specifically, with this planning system, we monitor, in house, the following aspects of our plastic molding process:

  • Quoting
  • Order entry
  • Job tracking
  • Scheduling/Capacity Management
  • Procedures
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll


pressure formingFor 20+ years we have employed ISO 9000 compatible systems in our Quality Assurance Program. However, we recently made the decision to make this formal, and are excited that we now have our ISO 9001:2015 certification!  This certification allows us to combine operator responsibility with state of the art tools. 

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  • We can measure features up to 10′  to within +/-.003″ with our 36” Faro CMM system. 
  • We calibrate gauges and pins using standards issued by the National Bureau of Standards
  • Our documentation, revision level control and rejected material controls meet ISO requirements.
  • Of equal importance, we have the ability to lot control materials
  • In addition, we provide written documentation specifying fabrication procedures and inspection criteria.
  • And finally, we maintain inspection records as specified by the customer.


We are continually evaluating issues that arise in our work flow.  Moreover, we are continually implementing minimal changes to improve and streamline our work flow.

thermoforming project

  • We are currently providing KanBan support to all our major customers.
  • As a part of this, we have the capability to provide weekly, or even daily, parts shipment with our ERP system.
  • In addition, we are capable of shipping direct to a customer’s manufacturing pull system.

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