Value Added Secondary Processes

ATI’s goal is to provide the most complete part and comprehensive range of services with the heat forming / thermoforming process.  Thus, we offer a wide range of secondary processes, from special assembly to finishing and custom labeling.  Additionally, we look for ways to reduce handling by our customers. Our engineering group is continually looking to streamline customer part fabrication in efforts to reduce costs and lead times.

We offer a vast range of secondary services. With regards to finishing, we subcontract that out to an industrial finishing house so as to offer our customers a much broader range of finishing options and expertise.


The assembly technicians at ATI have a wealth of experience in assembly of complex products with various adhesives. This includes assembly of plastic formed and metal components, including parts from other suppliers.  All done with our high quality standards to meet our customers’ requirements. ATI designs and fabricates fixtures to accurately locate sub-components in a POKYOK environment.

heat forming


thermoforming design

thermoforming machine


Rather than providing the convenience of finishing capabilities in-house, we have elected to place the emphasis on experience and depth.  Thus, we have partnered with a professional finishing house that provides liquid painting, graphics applications and RFI/EMI Shielding. They have many dozens of years’ experience and are on top of new products and techniques that a company like ours could not afford. Additionally, they have a number of employees in each capacity to provide depth. We feel very strongly that this approach to finishing offers our customers the best of all possible worlds: It allows us to focus on what we do best… making quality plastic parts, while the experts in painting/finishing bring it all together in a top quality finished product.

We can offer any finish, to any rigorous specification, e.g. Class A, in all the various mediums and textures.

thermoforming finishing

thermoforming finishing

thermoforming finishing

thermoforming finishing


custom-boxesOur warehouse meticulously and creatively engineers packaging to prevent part damage in shipment. Ask us about our innovative packaging ideas to help save you money, while helping the environment!


We can custom label parts to meet your specific requirements, e.g., bar coding, lot identification, etc.