Plastic Thermoforming In Uncertain Times

plastic thermoforming covid

Plastic Thermoforming And Covid-19

ATI has continued thermoforming plastic parts throughout.  We believe we have successfully weathered the worst, and are excited to be getting back to somewhat normal production.  Importantly, ATI has remained open throughout the past, challenging year, continuing to turn out plastic thermoformed parts.  We at Associated Thermoforming know that the Coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted the customers we serve every day.  We also know that the vendors/suppliers we rely upon have been been adversely affected.  Our goal today is to reassure you that it is business as usual at ATI.  We continue to stress a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

We Are Responsive To New Daily Updates and Advisories

ATI considers the health of our company and our employees of the utmost importance.  Thus, we continue to monitor data and guidelines from local government and CDC medical officials, initiating new policies as needed.  Our goal is to ensure we continue to be able to meet the demands of our day to day orders for custom thermoformed parts.   We support a wide variety of industries, which gives us an edge in this uncertain time.  The medical industry is one of our largest industries requiring plastic thermoformed parts.  We always take our commitment to them very seriously.  However, it has been even more urgent during this pandemic, and we are grateful we were able to sustain our support.

Current Policies

We are excited to be able to allow visits to our plant from vendors and customers once again.  Our current policy is that  people who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks.  We do, however, ask that those who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask.  ATI is very proud of the manner in which our employees have risen to meet the challenges we have faced during the past year.   The  events of the previous year were unforeseen, and have left us with a disconcerting sense of uncertainty.  However, we remain grateful that we have been able to offer continued employment to our team.  We are also greatly encouraged to see our customers coming back strong!   

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have questions regarding existing orders, as well as with new plastic thermoforming projects!

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